How does MESP kill viruses in the air?

How does MESP kill viruses in the air?

2-step double disinfection

Phase 1: High voltage electrostatic field kills harmful microorganisms

When bacteria and viruses pass through the micro-electrostatic filter, due to the high-voltage electrostatic effect of up to ten thousand volts, with the tiny potential difference between the bacteria and viruses from the outside to the inside, the high voltage will instantly destroy the cell wall of bacteria and the protein shell of viruses, thereby instantly killing them.


Phase 2: If the virus is absorbed on the electrostatic filter and will be continuously inactivated

In the MESP sterilization module, the dielectric material forms a honeycomb hollow microchannel, and the dielectric wraps the electrode sheet to form a strong electric field in the channel. It exerts a huge attraction to the charged bioaerosol moving in the air, while only generating minimal airflow resistance. It can absorb almost 100% of air movement biological aerosols, PM2.5 and other particulate matter. When the virus loses its host cell, it will naturally die out after being continuously absorbed by a strong electric field. In addition, as viruses and bacteria continue to be under the action of high-voltage electric fields, they will gradually become carbonized until they are eliminated.