Guard Patrol Monitoring System

All management parties wish for the guard team to do well guarding and patrol for the safety of properties. But without specific tools or systems which show the fair activities of the guards, you can not have confidence that the security guarding/patrol is running well. Especially, considering that good practice of night time patrol system discourage the crime planners from theft, robbery or any crimes, to make sure night-time patrol is very important and crucial for security.

Our Guard Patrol Monitoring System(” TouChecker plus “) is computer based patrol monitoring system. The installation of checker point chip around the property means that the security guard have to clock at these points as per patrol program. The computer shows missed clockings and patrol activities by time/date, print out as well available. Please find a brochure attached for your further understanding and need.

Most Common Use Cases;

  • Installed in premises to monitor guard patrol frequency
  • Installed in factory assembly systems or machines to monitor frequent checks by engineers to avoid breakdowns or fires