COVID-19 Disinfectant

CoronaVirus(COVID-19)Comes Out Of The Body Through The Patient's Respiratory System
CoronaVirus Is Present In High Concentrations Of Organic Matter(Spit, Sputum, Sweat, Etc) Becomes Aerosols Floating In The Air & Infects Others
Virusese, Bacteria, And Fungi Make It Hard To Grow Again And Remain Effective For 7 Days. CoronaVirus
It Is A Positive Charge (+) That Can Be Applied To Any Kind Of Bacteria, Viruses,Fungi.
As Soon As It Touches The Outer Wall, It Is Destroyed Immediately.
The Surface Of All Types Of Viruses, Bacteria, And Fungi Have Negative (-)Charges
The Moisture Of D-125) Disappears, But It's Active Ingredient Adheres To The Surface.
The Sprinkled D-125 ) Attaches To The Surface Of The Object. It Sticks To The Wall And Floor Of The Room.
CoronaVirus 19 Is Attached To An Object Out Of Human Bosy And Survives For Uo To Several Days. Sterilization With D-125), Not An Ordinary Disinfectant, Has A Great Preventive Effect.