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21+ years of Heritage in Security Solutions in Africa!

Jtouch | Secure.Reliable.Convenient

For over 21 years now, Jtouch Ltd. has been the leading security solutions provider in Africa!  Established in 2002 with the goal of optimizing Africa security requirements, Jtouch’s unmatched experience in providing Total Security Solutions for Africa continues to grow and increase in reliability.

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Top Security

Jtouch provides the most technologically-advanced security systems maximizing the security of people and property.

Creative Solutions

Creativity is at the heart of Jtouch! We apply CREATIVE problem solving methods to client security needs leading to practical solutions.

Zero Compromise

Jtouch does not compromise on Security! We provide a perfect balance between security, convenience, and cost!

Timely Support

Whether in need of help to install a new Jtouch system or an in ongoing maintenance contract with Jtouch, our customer support is prompt and efficient!